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Energetic Soul offers a variety of dynamic services to the public. This list includes both dance and fitness services that can be taught as group classes, workshops or individually. Most classes have an online option. All the classes can be broken down into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Everything you see is customizable. We offer our services in person, online as well as onsite. For additional information and to request a quote, please contact us

Energetic Salsa

Established in the year 2000, the Energetic Salsa Program has been in ongoing development and growth for the last 21 years. This makes it the Corner Stone of the Energetic Soul Dance Program. It is based on solo footwork drills and patterns as well as a combination of several rhythms and their corresponding dances. These elements comprise all the fundamental building blocks for soUl°sa, our partner dancing program, and the next step in the Energetic Soul Dance Program progression. Energetic Salsa gives students a fundamental understanding of solo dancing as well as linear and circular partner Salsa dancing. It is the beginning of Dance Adapt-Ability. For a comprehensive list of Energetic Salsa classes please click here.


soUlºsa is an unlocking system. Developed by Duane Wrenn in 2001, originally the soUlºsa focus was to find a way to bridge the gap between Linear and Circular Styles of Salsa Dancing. As this program continues to evolve, soUlºsa has become a partner style of dancing that is inspired by Cuban Rhythms and dances, and stands by the theme of adaptability on and off the dance floor.


The soUlºsa program structure is based on five principals: Work to understand: music, timing & rhythm, self, objective of the dance, and how to connect and flow with your partner on the dance floor.

soUlºsa, the combination of soul and salsa, is the foundation of how ES trains and develops programs. It is a mindset, a way to "no thought on the dance floor". A training tool for wellness. The art of partner conversations with no words. As stated earlier, soUl°sa constantly strives for adapt-ability on and off the dance floor!  For a comprehensive list of soUl°sa classes please click here.

Energetic Soul FIT (Fitness)

These classes work on a principal that our bodies are designed to move. Our fitness program incorporates different modalities based on functional training. Work on mobility and stability each week. We use dynamic training, strength training Somatics, breath work, Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan and Tension and Trauma Release exercises (TRE®)

For a comprehensive list of Fitness classes please click here.

Instructors Training Program

The Energetic Soul Instructor Training Program teaches the soUl°sa Method of Dancing. This Method teaches Adapt-Ability. It is a comprehensive program that educates instructor candidates in an overall understanding of teaching the fundamentals of dance and rhythms that are part of the Salsa umbrella. The units in this program cover structure and methodology, musicality, body movement, footwork, as well as partner work.

An excellent feature of the program is the ability to choose a specialty path. 


Energetic Soul Certifications:

Energetic Salsa


soUl°sa Casino

Rueda de soUl°sa


For more information on the ITP program and its certifications, please contact us.


General Fitness Assessment (GFA)

The GFA is perfect for anyone that wants to start a new fitness program or someone looking to spice up and old program. Save time when training, find out what you need to work on to reach your goals. 

  • Full body assessment 

  • Assess Strength and Mobility in whole body

  • Objective is to assess the whole body to find areas that need more strength, toning, flexibility and or mobility 

  • Wear comfortable clothes that are not loose fitting (to your level of comfort). 

To book your session, click here and look under the "Privates" tab.

Posture, Proprioception, Balance & Gait Assessment (Walking/Running) (PPBG)

The PPBG was created to specially help bring awareness to how we stand, sit and generally move throughout the day. Research is clear that poor posture has a debilitating effect on our health. This assessment is designed to evaluate and educate on how we can move and be still more efficiently.

  • Full body assessment

  • Breathing, sitting, seated, walking & standing patterns 

To book your session, click here​ and look under the "Privates" tab.

Personal Training (PT)

  • PT is excellent for helping you reach your fitness goals.

  • new plan or reenergizing an outdated plan 

  • We suggest doing a General Fitness Assessment (GFA) before starting your program, especially if you are new or just coming back to exercise.

  • Motivation, knowledge about new exercises 

  • Latest research

To book your session, click here​ and look under the "Privates" tab.


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