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Our vision is one where the idea of soUlºsa catapults society out of its dystopian presence into a utopian future with various dancing styles sharing Cultural differences and everyone embracing wellness through movement. 

In the meantime, we will enjoy working to become a leading dance and wellness inspired company, as well as a referent among dance lovers everywhere, hoping to continue generating long lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients, and empowering them to follow their passion, so that they can feel comfortable stepping outside the established norms to be different and unique.


It is our purpose to create a positive impact in all who cross our paths, sending a message of Clave empowerment, and inspiring individuals to care for their dancing as well as their physical wellbeing.



Dance can be seen simply as a physical activity, but we see it as far more than that. For we, expressing your mind and your soul through the powerful art of dance is a creative craft in itself, and we feel strongly passionate about it.


Duane has over 20 years of experience teaching salsa and being a personal trainer for celebrities, and a degree in the  Physiology of exercise. Both Duane and Leticia have had the grand experience of working with many clients and within several prestigious facilities across the country. This has helped them understand how to get the best out of their students, creating fun and dynamic classes which mix the best of two worlds: dancing and fitness.

We love the idea of seeing dance as a conversation between two people, which relies on one person listening, receiving, and interpreting information from the other, and vice versa. The better prepared both partners are, the clearer and more streamlined this communication will be. We aim to inspire individuals to gain courage, and communicate from within, so they can be who they are meant to be and do what they are meant to do.

Every single day we strive to empower our clients with different training tools to cut through the everyday noise, so they can find wellbeing, mind clarity, peace, and inspiration to finally live and dance by their own standards and reach their full potential, while motivating others to do the same.

That is what Energetic Soul is all about: movement, passion, empowerment, and motivating everyone to express who they truly are.



We are all about adapt-ability, whether on the dance floor or the "Life floor", and in order to help you achieve it, we strongly believe that dance and fitness are two great enablers of not only physical, but also mental health.

We understand that physical activity results in desirable health benefits that are both immediate and long term. In order to maintain these physiological and psychological adaptations, variety and consistency is key. Our dynamic programs within dancing and fitness are designed with your wellness as our main objective. 

With that in mind, we present soUlºsa, a groundbreaking dance concept based on the idea of adapt-ability through specific training modalities, and combining both Linear and Circular dancing styles within its foundation. This results in the ability to interpret music with your whole being and soul, while constantly striving for "no thought" on the dance floor, feeling totally free and present in the moment.

Our group and individual classes also include Energetic Salsa, Energetic Soul FIT, Clave Challenges, TRE®, Introduction to Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan, with Strength and Conditioning. We passionately believe that the dance floor also relates to "Life floor", that is why we aim to provide you with the training tools to reach wellness through movement.


Our goal is to neutralize some of the mental stress and trauma we have all been experiencing lately. It is time to get moving! Join us in person or virtually and no matter where you are at, our fun and flexible online classes will help you get out of your chair, one day at a time. So, what are you waiting for? Start moving and getting inspired with Energetic Soul today!


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