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Energetic Salsa Classes

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Energetic Salsa Classes



Classic Energetic Salsa - The Basics


In this introductory class, you will learn the Basic steps of Energetic Salsa! Energetic Salsa uses 7 to 13 easy to learn footwork variations that are the building blocks to create unique and exciting patterns that are easy to follow, and practice on your own.

Energetic Salsa! Infinity Combination Class


This class is dedicated to the Infinity Combination. The Infinity Combination was developed in 2020 to keep us moving during the lock down. This class has taken on a life of its own. By learning this combination you will join with a growing number of people from all over the world that are enjoying moving with this highly dynamic combination!

Energetic Salsa con tImBa

Energetic Salsa con tImBa (Footwork Combinations)

This class is all footwork and dancers musicality. We dance to Cuban Salsa music, also known as tImBa. Every class starts with a review of "Scales of soUlºsa". We also work on Triangle, and Circular concepts and a sequence of steps designed to inspire dancing in the moment. This class is best for dancers that want footwork and timing challenges. Some Salsa dancing experience expected (Intermediate Level).


E. Salsa con Timba - The Next Level!

Intermediate/Advanced Footwork Group Class

Energetic Salsa is a footwork only class that uses stationary and traveling variations to train for better dancing. This class features E. Soul’s footwork with Afro-Cuban body movement warmups and focuses on combinations designed to take your social dancing to the next level.


Energetic Salsa to the MAXIMUM!

Energetic Salsa to the MAXIMUM! All Levels

This class features the WORKS! AFRO warm up, with timing and Footwork for all! - This workshop features Body Movement & Dancing to Clave, Batá drums and TIMBA music. Footwork only class. No partner work.

Clave Challenges Class

Salsa is all about timing. Well, maybe not all... but you get the idea, right? Getting and understanding the musical “clave” behind this beautiful rhythm will allow you to feel the music in a deeper way and incorporate your moves to the point where you won’t even have to think about it, because your body will get in the right mood and just lead the way.

This insightful and step-by-step class covers all the basics about the importance of timing, and how you can use it to turn every dance session into a seamless and natural experience for your mind and your body.

Just relax and enjoy! We will teach you how.

​Scales of soUlºsa

The Scales of soUlºsa is one of the foundation tools that Energetic Soul uses as an entrance to the potential timing for Latin dances. If dance is a conversation the Scales are five different languages of the rhythm. Learn all five Scales and practice with a metronome to lock in your time. See more about ​the Scales of soUlºsa on our Channels page.

Octagon Training

The Octagon Training is designed to train 8 different directions from a stationary position. This training is beneficial for solo dancing and partner dancing. Work on your ability to flow in any direction with ease. 

See more about ​the Octagon Training on our Channels page.

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