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What is the soUl°sa Concept?

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soUlºsa started out as a way to find a connection between Circular style and Linear style dancing to Salsa rhythms.


soUlºsa overall as a concept is designed to be a way to approach partner dancing. It is a Training Tool: 

  • Efficient movement 

  • Mobility needed / stability needed for reaching various dance objectives and personal expression

  • Timing understanding 

  • Timing Control (One cannot control timing) So we strive to have timing control. Let the music do what it’s going to do. We have Self Timing Control (STC)


soUlºsa overall is a dance form. The structure is based on Three Main Movements:

  • Turn


  • Enchufla


THE BOTTOM LINE GOAL: Movement without thought on the dance floor that also transcends into activities of daily living (ADL). 

  • Be present in the moment. 

  • Training for adapt-ability on the dance floor 

  • How to send and receive signals from your partner and interpret the music you are hearing in a way that makes your body feel good from bottom up and top down and reflects itself inside out and outside in. 

  • How to feel good before, during and most importantly after dancing. 

  • The idea that you and the music are one on the dance floor. 

  • To Always be a Dancer!

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